Coaches Sign Up Page 

This gives you coaches the opportunity to advertise yourself to a large tennis community. Your information is clearly and stylishly portrayed for potential clients and employers to view. You are welcome to add videos, images, and your tennis philosophy to your page. Our SEO programme promotes your page on Google to help you get found easier. Your page can be changed once a month so keep in touch with me at if you want to make any updates to your page. You can cancel at any time and your page is taken down within the week of cancellation.

!!!First 50 coaches go free for life!!!

(After this offer ends it's only €3.50 a month to maintain your page).

To set up your page follow these simple steps

Note: This only applies after the "first 50 coaches go free" deal ends. 

Step 1: Sign up to the website by clicking 'log in' in the top right.

Step 2: Sign up to the Gold Coach plan found below

Step 3: Go to the page labelled Coach Page Setup by clicking more>coach page setup

Step 4: Enter your coaching details into the given fields.

Step 5: Submit your registration and your page is on its way.

Step 6: To add any additional information such as pictures, videos, and/or testimonials email with the information you would like added to your page.

Step 7: If your page is not up and running within 10 working days then email