Answers to All Your Inquiries

What is Azuro Tennis?

Azuro Tennis is an online tennis based community that has big plans for the future. We are providing tennis fans, players and coaches with a platform to interact with one another and share their match results, reflections and also share any ideas they might have.

Why Use this website?

Unlike many other platforms out there, this website is completely dedicated to tennis. So you know that when you make a post or ask a question you are dealing with, players, fans, and coaches just like you! The user experience of this website depends on the number of users so we would ask you to share this around with fellow tennis fans. 

What should I write in my player portfolio?

Your player portfolio whether secret, private or public is your own personal space on our website. We advise that you write in your match results followed by a summary of the match. Talk about the positive and the negative aspects of the match. Reflect on what you need to improve on in future matches. Outline the specific shots you would like to work on in your upcoming lessons. You can also copy and paste the sample template provided. We recommend that you add your coach to your portfolio to get the full benefit out of it.

What will be posted on the YouTube Channel?

Various types of fun and informative content based around tennis will be posted on the Azuro Tennis YouTube page. We do plan on having some sort of talk show as well along with some vlogs which we look forward to sharing with you. So do check it out and subscribe for free.